FF Advance Server

Free Fire is a highly engaging and popular game with a vast community of players around the globe. FF Advance Server is a special program designed for Free Fire players to test the new game features when they are up for beta testing. This program is for specific players, so you must register on the server to experience the new game features. Recently, the developers of FF Advance Server have launched OB43 to test new beta updates. You can easily register on it and explore the exciting game features. Let’s dive into the details to find everything about FF Advance Server and OB43 download for Android in 2024.

How it works

Important Features of FF Advance Server

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Community Access

Why Do You Need to Download FF Advance Server?

FF Advance Server is for all the pro-Free Fire OB43 players. As a game expert, you can analyze the in-game experience from multiple perspectives to suggest improvements and spot bugs in-game updates. Developers like to get feedback from the pros to make improvements and grow their playing community.

How do you register on the FF Advance Server?

Access the official website of Free Fire Advance Server (https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com)

Click on Login by accessing your Facebook or Google account

Sign up from the account you use to play Free Fire

Fill out the information required on the page

Click on “Join Now”

If your account is short-listed for FF Advance Server, you will receive an email with the code.

Download the FF Advance Server APK to your device and enter the code to start playing.


What is FF Advance Server OB43?

FF Advance Server OB43 is the latest Free Fire update that may come out in August. You can access it in July for beta testing. You must download the FF Advance Server by following the above instructions and access the OB43 update. Please note that this game update will be available for all users by the end of August.

Eligibility for Playing Free Fire Advance Server

To be eligible to play FF Advance Server, you need a verified Free Fire account connected to your Google or Facebook. Remember that you should be 18+ to participate in this immersive game experience.

Difference Between Free Fire Advance Server Vs. Free Fire Main Game

Download FF Advance Server

Click the link below to download FF Advance Server


FF Advance Server – Pros

  • You can access all the latest game features that are missing in the main game.
  • You can get in-game currency for playing Garena.
  • You can easily access and download FF Advance Server on your Android device.

FF Advance Server – Cons

  • FF Advance Server is an invitation-only game
  • You must provide potential feedback for playing the game to avoid removal from the community.
  • You cannot invite others to join and play FF Advance Server with you
  • Game bugs may disrupt your playing experience

Is it Worth it?

The above details highlight everything you need to know about FF Advance Server OB43 download for Android in 2024. We have covered the installation details, game features, and pros and cons to help you decide your next move. Download yours today to explore the most exciting Free Fire game features.