Free Fire Sensitivity Settings for Accurate Headshots

Are you missing out on the headshots in Free Fire? We can relate to your frustration. Free Fire is all about accuracy. If you miss a shot, your character can be knocked down by other players. While experts know the tricks to ensure accuracy of headshots, beginners often face this problem when playing Free Fire. This guide will help you figure out the best Free Fire sensitivity settings for accurate headshots.

Configuring the General Settings

If your aim is off in Free Fire, it may be due to your game’s sensitivity settings. A lot of players do not know how to handle the general settings when aiming to improve their shot’s accuracy. By making a few small improvements, you can enhance your game’s experience for a better aim.

The general sensitivity settings include adjustments for overall sliding speed, swift player movement, screen adjustments, and tap-and-drag headshots. For devices having 4GB of RAM, the ideal sensitivity setting is 90. You can find a good balance when aiming to shoot other players at varying distances in the game.

Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

Here is a quick guide for configuring sensitivity settings.

  • General: 97-100
  • Red Dot: 95-100
  • 2x Scope: 77-90
  • Free Lock: 80-90
  • Sniper Scope: 68-80

What is the No. 1 headshot sensitivity in Free Fire?

To ensure headshot accuracy, you may use these settings:

  • General: 90-100
  • Red Dot: 90-100
  • 2x Scope: 90-100

Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

Which is the Best Headshot Gun in Free Fire?

The best headshot gun in Free Fire is the Woodpecker. It offers great armor penetration and has a lesser range than the SVD.


The above information highlights everything you need to know about Free Fire sensitivity settings. You can follow the above instructions to improve the accuracy of your headshots in the game. Let us know your experiences in the comments after trying out these recommended adjustments.