How to Change Server in Free Fire

Free Fire is a popular battle game that was launched after the world-famous PUBG. Despite its late launch, the game gained massive popularity around the globe for its exciting features, characters, and special abilities. The game developers also launched FF Advance Server to help pros explore new game features in the beta mode and suggest improvements. If you are loving the Free Fire experience and wonder how to change server in Free Fire, you have arrived at the right place. Let us help you navigate the server selection part easily.

How to Change Your Region in Free Fire?

Unlike PUBG, Garena Free Fire does not allow players to change their region from the game. However, there are other ways to enjoy other regions or servers in the game. One of the best options is to choose a VPN for this purpose.

How to Change Server in Free Fire

Which VPN Is Best for Changing Server in Free Fire?

Choosing the right VPN to change your server in Free Fire can be tricky. Many VPNs can help you achieve this goal. Remember, not all VPNs offer the best speed and efficiency. An ideal option that most players choose is Express VPN. You can download it to your device easily.

How to Change Servers in Free Fire Without VPN?

As mentioned earlier, changing servers directly in Free Fire is not allowed. While valid, you can use the following instructions to change your region without using a VPN.

  1. Open the Free Fire game app
  2. Access the game’s settings
  3. Change your language to that of your desired region
  4. Tap the button on the lower-right corner of the screen to log out of the game
  5. Restart the game and log in with a different account
  6. The game will provide you with the option to change the region based on your chosen language or keep the one based on your device’s location
  7. If the language is unreadable, you may tap on the option on the right side

Following the above instructions can help you change your server to your desired region without using a VPN. Here are some general methods to switch your server in Free Fire without having a VPN.

Create a New Game Account

One way to switch servers is to create a new Free Fire account using a different region or server. When creating a new account, you may have the option to select your preferred server or region, allowing you to play on a different server than your current one.

Use Guest Accounts

Free Fire allows players to play as a guest without creating an account. By logging out of your current account and playing as a guest, you may be able to access different servers or regions when starting the game anew. Keep in mind that guest accounts have limited features and may not retain progress or purchases.

Participate in Events or Promotions

Occasionally, Free Fire hosts events or promotions that allow players to temporarily access different servers or regions. Keep an eye out for announcements about such events, as they may provide opportunities to play on alternate servers without the need for a VPN.

Contact Support Team

If you have a specific reason for wanting to change servers, such as playing with friends from a different region, you can try contacting Free Fire customer support. While they may not always be able to accommodate server changes, they may be able to provide assistance or guidance based on your situation.

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The above details highlight how to change server in Free Fire. You can follow the listed instructions and methods to access your desired region when playing Free Fire. If you have already tried on of the techniques and had success, we recommend sharing your experience in the comments to help new players navigate the changes correctly.