How to Get Free Fire Coins?

Are you loving your Free Fire experience? We can relate to your excitement. You might have also tried the FF Advance Server by now to explore the new game features (missing in the main version). A common questions many beta users ask is how to get Free Fire coins. If you are caught in the same confusion and want to enjoy unlimited in-game purchases, you have arrived at the right place.

How to Get Free Fire Coins

What Can You Do With Coins in Free Fire?

Before we share the different ways you can use Free Fire coins, let us help you understand what you can do with those coins. Free Fire coins are your in-game currency to purchase items including characters, gun skins, and others when playing the game. You can use your purchased items to enhance your game experience. Apart from coins, there is another (premium) currency that you can use to buy items. Getting diamonds can help you unlock the same features. However, you can spend fewer diamonds to buy items as compared to coins. Click here to know how you can get free diamonds in Free Fire.

How to Get Coins in Free Fire to Make In-Game Purchases?

Here are the ways you can try to get unlimited Free Fire coins in the game.

  • Participate in ranked games to win coins.
  • Complete weekly in-game missions to earn coins.
  • Raise your Free Fire account’s level to earn coins.
  • Aim for a “Booyah” in each game session to earn additional coins and rewards.
  • Use the 2x Gold card to increase your coin earnings.
  • Participate in the Lucky Royale spin to win additional Free Fire coins.

Additional Tips for Earning More Free Fire Coins

  1. Try upgrading your character’s skills for more coin earnings.
  2. Get diamonds by buying individual skill slots.
  3. Enjoy spins in Gold Royale to earn coins.

How to Buy Free Fire Characters with Gold Coins?

You can access the locked characters in Free Fire and spend your gold coins to buy them. Here is a price chart for each character.

Free Fire CharactersGold CoinsDiamonds


The above information highlights how to get Free Fire coins to unlock new characters and items in the game. Try the listed methods to increase your coin earnings and access unlimited in-game features.